Month: December 2019

Save Money with a Discount Online Pharmacy

Browsing for medicine is like shopping for other items online, prudence should be applied, otherwise, without something to compare it with, you may end up buying the more expensive medication. With e-commerce having more than 10% of the total retail sales all over the world, there is a lot to choose from so why settle for high cost when you may buy it for less.

Check discounts before buying medicine

You may put it this way: before you book for hotel rooms, you will check out the best deals first via online booking sites. Shopping for prescription drugs can be fairly easy as online hotel booking. You can either check via browser and some online pharmacy companies even have mobile apps to make it more convenient for users.

These are online pharmacy sites  that you can check out for the best prices so that you may not have to buy worrying about your budget again :


  • GoodRx
    GoodRx has a good looking and user-friendly website to make it more attracted to consumers. The discount and savings are even more attractive as GoodRx can be able to save you in medication cost of up to $276 per year.


GoodRx has an optimized search engine that compares prices of more than 70,000 US-based pharmaceutical companies. On top of it, they also provide coupons that serve as your prescription for pharmacies which may require it. 



  • WeRx


Very much like GoodRx,  WeRx also does an extensive search on thousands of pharmacies, compares the prices and presents them to you.  They also feature a comparative price tool by allowing the consumers to submit the amount if a specific medicine they recently brought.

They also provide users location-based results so that consumers can check the nearest pharmacy they can get the medicine.



  • PharmacyChecker
    According to their website, the company can find huge discounts of up to 90% on prescribed drugs. Their listing includes prices not only limited to the US, but overseas as well.

    Searching is fairly easy, all you have to do is input the prescribed drug’s name, and the search button gives it all away by labeling it “Find Lowest Price.”

    This online pharmacy site also makes sure that the medicines you’ll be getting are safe and the company producing it has all the compliance needed in operating such firms. In addition, you can also view the rating of the pharmaceutical seller which can help you decide on what to choose.


By following our guidelines above, you can be confident that you’ll get the safest and cheapest medicine you need. The online sites we discussed will do all the fact-checking for you, but it’s still advisable to be vigilant and search only on the ones you trust.

Are Non-US Citizens Allowed To Work In The US?

People seek employment to earn money to spend on their needs. Many folks all over the world have been seeking opportunities in the United States since the Colonial period and have settled since. Right now, the US job market is at its strongest, having an employment rate of 69.4%, the highest so far! 

Employment For Foreigners

Even if you are not a citizen, you can still work in the US. Many countries choose to work (and sometimes stay) in the US. The top countries that account for the largest immigrant population in the US are namely: Mexico (25%), China and India (6%), Philippines (5%), and El Salvador (3%). Below are ways on how foreigners can apply for a job in the US, even if they are not citizens.

Employment Authorization Document

All you need to do is to secure a US work permit, or an Employment Authorization Document (EAD.) What should you do to accomplish it? Here are the steps:

  • Fill-up Form I-765 (Application for  Employment Authorization)
  • Attach documents that prove you’re eligible for the job
  • Submit it to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) 

Once they have processed your application, foreigners will be eligible to work for a certain period in the US. Usually, this work permit is limited to those who are applying for a green card or those who have a “temporary right” to be in the US. It also includes permanent Immigrants, student exchange, exchange Visitor Visas, and Temporary work visas for skilled and seasonal workers.

H1-B Visa

It is a visa in the US that permits employers to employ foreign nationals temporarily in specialty jobs. Such specialty occupations require specialized skill and knowledge and a bachelor’s degree. They are allowed to work up to six 6) years; their tenure can be extended depending on certain circumstances. As for the employers, they can withhold from the salaries of their employees the Social Security and Medicare taxes. Once your contract has expired, you must leave the US for at least a year before applying again.

Working in the US has many benefits that other places don’t usually offer. This situation paved the way for many foreign nationals to seek greener pastures in the “land of milk and honey.” Always remember that your work experience is verified before you get accepted. Make sure that what you put in your resume is true and verifiable. Prepare all the necessary documents you need, and secure your ESTA certification ahead, to make your employment in the states an enjoyable one!