Month: February 2020

3 Tips in Restoring Your Wooden Beams

Oak beams UK can help make the aesthetics of your home if used correctly. You can do so many things in making the wood match the interior, whether by coating it or creating a contrast to the room. Giving the beam a proper treatment can add significant character to your home. Here are tips to help you with your beam restoration. 

Finishing Wooden Beams

If you are aiming to make a striking, rough look against the painted walls or trying to pair the color of the flooring or other wood in the area, then you will have to splash color in it. You can start by applying a wood stain, which is a perfect treatment for oak beams UK.

Once done, you should ensure that you use wood oil or varnish to seal it appropriately. Wood wax can help if you just want to make minimal color changes. 

Stripping Wood Beams

It is recommended to shred back and remove the paint and other finishes to restore the old, rustic look. Doing this can give you a fresh start and provide you so many options at your disposal. You can use paint stripper products to make the coatings lighter. To further ready the wood for refinishing,  do some sanding and continue to treat the oak.

Wax and Oils for Wooden Beams

There are products that you can use to help color, protect, and seal oak beams UK. If you are trying to attain a more rustic look, you can use color wax to make the woodwork emerge. There are other wax polishes that you can use to give the beam an aged look that can give it an appearance of timelessness. You can do some research on these products to find the one that will suit your taste.


Wood beam restoration isn’t that hard, as long as you know what look you are trying to aim and the products that you can use. Treating the oak is also essential when it comes to restoring the wood. Following these guides can help you in your home design, making it more pleasing and will exude that rustic character.

When You Need a Colorado Springs Marriage Counselor

Married life is something that is wonderful and, at the same time, stressful. it is the kind of relationship that you need to continually adjust and invest to over the years. However, there are signs that you need to watch out to tell that it is time for you to see a Colorado Springs marriage counselor. 

One or Both Parties Consider Having an Affair


It is not impossible for one to recover from an affair. However, it takes a great deal of work. You need to commit and willingly forgive the other for you to move on. There’s no formula to recover from an affair. Though your marriage can be saved if both individuals can commit to the therapy process. 

Negative Communication


Another indicator for you that tells you that you need to seek a Colorado Springs marriage counselor is if the communication between you and your partner are slowly deteriorating. Negative communication is not limited to: 

  • Letting one feel insecure
  • Depressed
  • Wanting to withdraw from the conversation
  • Disregarded
  • The tone of the conversation

Do remember that communication is not always what you say, but on how you deliver it. Negative interaction may also be in the form of emotional or physical abuse, as well as non-verbal ones. 

When One is Staying Because of the Children


One misconception is that staying together for the sake of the children is the right to do; however, it can only backfire and may lead to an objective third-party. To be honest, the kids shouldn’t be the deciding factor for couples to stay together. 

Children can actually sense what their parents are feeling. Somehow, it is best for a couple to resolve the issue, and together move to a positive and healthy relationship can be the best decision. If you are actually in this predicament, then it is time that you find a Colorado Springs marriage counselor to aid you in your choices. 



Not all marriages can be saved. In the process of therapy, some couples may realize that it is better for them to be apart rather than stay married. However, for those couples that are willing to commit and work to save their marriage, there’s still hope.  Counseling can actually help them realize why they married each other and why they fell in love.