Best Ways To Get A New Canada eTA


Traveling to Canada might be something that you would like to do soon. This may be a trip that you have been planning for quite some time. However, to go there, you must originate from an approved country. United States is automatically approved to allow its citizens in. However, if you are not from the US, you will have to get a Canada eTA. This is a process that occurs online on the main Canadian government website. The process is simple but it will require a little bit of information on your part. Here are the best ways that you can get through this process in record time.

What Is The Electronic Travel Authorization?

The eTA is a system set up by the Canadian government to track who comes into their country. If you have a valid passport, once you have been approved, it will be attached digitally to it. Simply provide the passport when you are traveling and when they scan it, they can see that you have gone through this approval process. In order to do this, you will need to bring your passport, provide personal information, and that will include your email address. The total cost is $7 CAD and it will be valid for a couple years. It is necessary to do this to ensure the safety of Canadians and others that are visiting.

How Long Will The Process Take?

The process is designed to take just a few minutes of your time. Be sure to have your passport and the credit card handy. You can receive help as you are going along if you have any questions. The email that you use is where they will send your confirmation notification. If any other documents will be needed, they will also send you an email for that which typically happens in three days or less. After you have been approved, and the Canada eTA is connected directly to your passport, you will be ready to travel into this country without any problems.