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How Not to Get Scammed With a Fake ETA Canada

Visiting Canada may seem like a simple task of getting a visa, buying a ticket, and hopping on a plane. But is that all to it? For visa-exempt countries, a person would need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before traveling to Canada. The best way to get a legitimate eTA is through official and recognized agencies like ETA Kanada, which assist in giving their clients ETAs quickly and adequately.


But to avoid getting scammed with a fake eTA, you would first need to know these simple facts.


  1. Electronic Travel Authorization


An ETA is a simple requirement that all people coming from visa-exempt countries must have before heading to Canada. The document allows the government to study the person’s background so that they would know if he is safe to enter the country. Simple and fast, it reduces the hassle of visas and creates a secure system for the government to control immigration security. Although having an eTA does not guarantee entry, those who don’t have it will not be entertained.


  1. How to get one?


The process of getting an ETA is a simple one. All you would need to do is go to an official website, fill out all the required forms, and submit it. If all things go well, then you should be approved within minutes.


  1. Beware of scams


Although there are official online service providers who assist the client in their eTAs, there are also fake websites which trick people by charging high amounts of money for a fake eTA. Over 1,000 people get caught in these scams, so it is essential to know when you’re facing a fake website. Chances are, if the website chargers more than seven Canadian dollars, then they are fake.


But, the best way of knowing that you’re applying in the right place is by directly going to the official Canadian Government website.


Scams can be found everywhere, and they may not look obvious at first sight. That is why it is vital to keep an open eye and check the small details. Also, be sure to check the website you are using and ensure that it is either the official government website or a recognized service provider.