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Safety Tips When Visiting the Beaches in Oman

Oman is known for its hospitable locals, and it is home to pristine beaches and beautiful architecture that make for a great holiday. To avoid getting any trouble with your visa, visa Oman has some rules that all visitors must remember during their stay. Follow these tips to guide you on respecting the customs of their way of life.


Take Note of the Beach Category Before Visiting

When choosing among the number of picturesque beaches in Oman, consider the signs on the beaches. For example, some beaches have a sign that says that only families are allowed. You should avoid these beaches if you are visiting Oman alone.


Mind the Dress Code

Islamic countries have a standard dress code for both men and women, which is to keep yourself covered up. Your legs and arms down to elbows should be covered, especially when out in public. This rule applies to beaches also, which means you should avoid wearing shorts or tank tops on the beach. Resorts with private beaches have more lenient dress codes, however.

Other tips include:

  • If you are wearing a swimsuit, then bring a sarong or something else to wrap yourself up when you get out of the water.
  • Men should avoid wearing tight-fitting swimming trunks. Swimming shorts are fine, however.
  • Bikinis are discouraged in public beaches, but if you do wear one, then be sure that they don’t show too much skin.


Taking Pictures and Using Drones

While it’s fine to photograph buildings and landscapes, take caution when photographing people there as Omanis find it disrespectful to have their pictures taken without their explicit permission. Also, avoid taking photos of the military. Drones are strictly not allowed in Oman, and violating this rule can have you penalized or jailed. Authorities enacted this law due to problems arising from drones flying too close to airplane paths.


Other Rules to Remember

While Oman is a relatively liberal Arab country, it is still a monarch that follows the Sharia law. Therefore, traveling and sharing a room as an unmarried couple or as a gay couple is prohibited in Oman. If caught, you could land in some serious trouble and even jail time. Drinking alcohol in public is also illegal, especially being intoxicated in public.

As long as you cooperate with the customs and laws, then there’s no reason you can’t have a pleasant and memorable visit in the exotic country of Oman. Getting a visa in Oman is also an easy process. Leave behind the stress of your busy life and relish Oman’s peaceful coastline that stretches as far as 1700 kilometers, in beaches such as the secluded Bandar Jissah or at Al Bustan Beach which overlooks the scenic mountains in Muscat.


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