How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

Getting your tattoo made in the studio sounds thrilling but keeping your freshly inked tattoo from ruining when you leave the shop seems challenging. Auckland tattoo shops have accommodating staff who would recommend you stick for a while in their studio before leaving the front door. An aftercare process always follows from the point when the tattoo artist has finished the inking job to two months. Here is a quick guide to tattoo aftercare for your new tattoo:


Wrap a Cloth or Plastic Wrap Around Your Tattoo. Before you leave the studio, your tattoo artist will ask you to bandage your tattoo with a wrapping material provided by the facility. Cloth wrapping helps absorb excess fluids, such as ink or blood, that may drip from the affected area. On the other hand, plastic wrapping can conveniently cover tattoos of different sizes in different regions of the body. Wear your bandage for a duration that your tattoo artist would recommend.


Clean Your Tattoo with Lukewarm Water and Scentless Soap.

Once you have removed the bandage from your tattoo overnight, you should wash the affected area with clean and warm water and soap. Gently wash off the plasma and dried blood from the tattoo. Then, dry it off with a clean hand towel. Avoid cleaning your tattoo with tissue to avoid any foreign substance from accidentally sticking on it. Hot water could open the skin pores where the tattoo was inked and cause leaking. Cold water may quickly dry out the tattoo before it settles on your skin.


Apply Skin Lotion and Moisturizer on Your Tattoo.

You may notice soreness and redness on the affected area of your skin, which is a good sign during the healing process. Your skin needs to heal the affected skin cells for the tattoo to settle down and look better. Skin lotion and moisturizers help in the healing process by hydrating your skin and protecting your skin from dryness.


Wear Comfortable Clothes Over Your Tattoo.

When you choose an outfit for the day, it is better to expose your tattoo less to external factors that may disrupt the healing process such as rainwater, dust, and sunlight. Make sure to wear clothes that are breathable and not skintight to prevent the tattoo from accidentally peeling off with a rubbing surface.


Use Sunscreen when Walking Under the Sun.

After a few weeks to a month of settling, your tattoo is suitable for outdoor exposure without protection from your clothing. Just make sure to apply sunscreen before leaping out of the house. Prolonged exposure to UV rays could make the ink job fade before becoming permanent.


When you need retouching during the aftercare process, you may contact your closest Auckland tattoo shop or your tattoo artist for assistance. Taking care of your new tattoo extends even after it settles. Skin care is essential for people who want to maintain a flashy tattoo.