Popular Football Leagues that Everyone Bets On

singapore football bettingBecause gambling in public is illegal in Singapore, plenty of gambling enthusiasts resort to online Singapore football betting. And according to statistics, Singaporeans regularly join sports bets online with one sport at the top: football. If you’re planning on gambling during competitions, it’s essential to know which league you’re betting on for a more successful result.

UEFA Champions League (Europe)

One of the most awaited competitions for online bettors. Countless of bookmakers offer bonuses and promotions of the highest bids; higher than any other football competitions. What makes it exciting is that it’s packed with highly skilled teams, making it difficult to assure yourself a win. But if you’re looking to earn extra greens, this is the most promising league to bet on.

English Premier League (England)

Being one of the oldest football leagues in the world doesn’t stop the English Premier from bearing the title as one of the best and most competitive. Bookmakers make sure to capitalize on this league because of the millions of gamblers interested in the different markets offered. It also hosts top clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Serie A (Italy)

A bit less competitive than the English Premier, Serie A is still famous for having teams like Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter having thrilling matches against each other that will make you sit at the edge your seat. Although rumored to have scandalous bets, this becomes a reason to stay vigilant on betting on this league. Nevertheless, Serie A remains a promising football league to bet on.

La Liga (Spain)

With plenty of the world’s top players competing here, La Liga might as well be the strongest of all European Leagues. Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville, is where gamblers line up for every match there is. The anticipation of watching their favorite players goal sparkles their eyes and fills their pockets.

Scottish League (Scotland)

Although there aren’t any favorite teams in this league that spark a fire for most of the population, it’s still one of the leagues most chosen for online gambling because of the constant high goal count and the dismissive lack of defense. With a bit of studying, you might find yourself studying profits instead.

Knowing about football and being familiar with its rules isn’t enough to get you a win on bets. If you learn the statistics of football teams in specific countries, you’ll eventually see why this knowledge is vital for a successful gamble, and these are top picks for Singapore online gamblers.