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How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Christchurch

These days, tattoos are no longer wholly permanent. Laser tattoo removal is a specialized type of laser treatment that is designed to completely (and safely) eliminate tattoos from the skin. In Christchurch, there is a multitude of tattoo removal clinics that you can choose from. Having said that, is there a cheap tattoo removal in Christchurch?


If you have regretful tattoos that you would like to say goodbye to, laser tattoo removal is the way to go. If you’re looking for value for your money, however, Sacred Laser is your best bet. Here is why:


The cost of tattoo removal at Sacred Laser


First and foremost, you can’t pin down a specific price point for tattoo removal. There are many factors to consider, such as:


  • Age of the tattoo
  • Location on the body
  • How it was placed (amateur or professional)
  • Color of the ink
  • Brand of the ink
  • Size of the tattoo


If you’re not sure of the budget you need to set for tattoo lightening and removal; you can come into the clinic for a free consultation. This consultation will help us assess your tattoo, how much it will cost, and the methods needed to give you the best, safest, and most effective results.


On your first consultation, your unwanted tattoo will be evaluated based on age, color, placement, and quality. Then, an estimate will be made for you. However, to give you an idea, treatments start at $100. At Sacred Laser, we invest in the best equipment available in New Zealand, so you are getting your money’s worth with every single session.


What you can expect after your first consultation


Once you decide to pursue with the tattoo lightening and removal, you can schedule your first session. For the complete removal of a tattoo, expect at least 6-12 sessions. On the other hand, it will only take 2-4 sessions for tattoo lightening. These sessions can be performed every six weeks.


At Sacred Laser, we offer the most affordable tattoo removal there is. With the best equipment such as the Medlite C6 and Picosure lasers from Cynosure, our treatments can target all ink colors and ensure optimum wavelengths during removal.