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How to Choose an Architect Ottawa

Whatever construction project you have on your hands, be it a home, commercial property, MUD, and many others, buildings cost money. That is why you have to ensure that you pick the right man for the job to oversee your building’s construction, an architect Ottawa. Picking the right architect is not as easy as looking at a portfolio sent over email, and assessing the architect’s credentials. Rather than this, it is a process that involves a handful of steps to ensure that you pick the absolute best:

1. Put the word out then narrow down your sample

First, put the word out that you need an architect for your project among relevant professionals. From the interested parties, choose the top 5 outstanding resumes and portfolios.

2. Give them a brief of the work then narrow the sample

Research more about your project then explain the work you want to be done. Ask them if they are equipped to handle such a project and whether they are available. Note that most of the good architects will be unavailable. You should also ask for a rough budget estimate. Based on this, narrow down to 3 and invite them for an in-depth project discussion.

3. Verify their credentials by visiting buildings they have designed

You could visit their website, see past projects then visit the sites, or ask to speak to previous clients and if they say no, this could be a red-flag.

4. Assess your relationship with them

How do they relate to you? Are they professional? How do you feel about him or her as a person?

5. Ask about a payment plan

What will they charge you, and how should this be paid? As a percentage of the total project cost (mostly for larger jobs), a flat fee (mostly for smaller jobs), or by the hour? How much percentage is required upfront for design?

6. Find out how involved they will be

Will they detail the entire structure, including particulars such as sockets and switches?

7. Compare

Assess all figures, comparing the level of involvement and the fees charged then pick the best deal.

With these 7 simple steps, you’re guaranteed to pick the right architect Ottawa!

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