Epoxy Countertop

Epoxy Countertops: The Good And The Bad

Epoxy is the quintessential refinishing product. Applying epoxy to a material like a bathroom or kitchen countertops can revitalize or restore it. The varieties of materials on which you can apply epoxy include metal, wood, concrete, ceramic, and Formica. This is the reason why an epoxy countertop is as good as the original. Meanwhile, here are the good and bad qualities of an epoxy countertop.

Advantage: Durable Resin Finish

As epoxy hardens, it forms a hard, solid surface that can last for many years. Epoxy also has a long-lasting shine that never gets dull. This is very different from varnishes, as well as other coating types. Also, as the epoxy’s durable finish does not crack or get damaged, one can guarantee its strength.

Advantage: High-Gloss Finish

An epoxy countertop has a glossy and super-shiny finish, and it’s as good as new. Although it wears down sometime in the future, the gloss takes a long time to go away. In case the high-gloss look wears away, you can apply mineral oil onto it.

Advantage: Heat Resistant

You never ruin your countertop even if you set a hot dish on its surface. However, the longer you leave a hot coffee or a heated baking dish on your countertop, it may damage its surface. That’s because epoxy is not heatproof even if they’re heat resistant.

Disadvantage: Messy To Apply

An epoxy countertop won’t be easy to accomplish. Using epoxy to your countertop can be complicated and messy, especially if you don’t have any experience working with the material before. The solution to this is practice.

Disadvantage: No Second Chances

Epoxy countertops are actually a chance to showcase your artistic and creative spirit. The problem is that you can’t change what you’ve done to the epoxy. Thus, if the design is not that good, then you can’t repeat it. If you want to redo it, it will take more effort and more mess.

Some Last Words

Epoxy is one of the best ways to fix your countertops, and an epoxy countertop is the most durable thing in the world. The only problem is that it can be messy to apply, and it can harden all of a sudden. In that case, choose the right epoxy for you and practice a lot.