Green Oak Frames

Why use Green Oak Frames for your Home?

Building your home with green oak is relatively cheaper and beneficial. Structures built with this timber has proven its strength and efficiency over the past generations. If you are looking for frames, here are the reasons why you should use green oak frames.


Green Oak Frames Are Sustainable Materials

Unlike any timber, green oaks last long in extreme weather conditions. It is ideal for either humid or cold regions because it is dense and durable. Climate should always be a factor in choosing your timber. Certain types of timber brittles in cold climates while others weaken at the humid season. Green oak stays strong in any season.

The density and durability of green oak make it less prone to damages. Using this timber as your frame gives you fewer expenses in repairs and replacements. It helps you lessen your costs in maintenance.

Green Oak Absorbs Significant Amounts Of Carbon Dioxide 

It is reported by the UK Timber Frame Association that green oak naturally filters the air of its surrounding area. Forest Oak is certified to provide green oaks that help clean the atmosphere. Using this as your frame will make your home more livable. Studies show that the increase in carbon dioxide levels in humans causes stress. As a result, homes that have green oak timber have healthier dwellers that stone, brick, and clay houses.

Also, green oaks are aesthetically pleasing. Aside from a clean atmosphere, a pleasant environment helps boost productivity and motivation. Make your home livable and lively by using this timber for your frames.

Green Oaks Is Durable Yet Cost Efficient

Manufacturing of contemporary construction supply involves many procedures that add up to cost. Expenses like labor cost, transportation, manufacturing tools, relevant services, utilities, etc. are added to the overall cost of supplies. Compared to metals and concrete, green oak requires lesser manufacturing procedures. If you use this, not only your frame is durable, you also save yourself from extra expenses.

Over the years, green oak has been proven and tested. Generations after generations, people living in homes out of timber are observed to have a healthier life inside their durable houses. Are you decided to use green oak frames for your future home?