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How To Choose An Amazon Marketing Agency

Amazon has quickly become the biggest marketplace in the world. It should be no surprise that third-party sellers are signing up to sell on it at alarming rates. If you are considering selling on Amazon or looking to make your business more competitive, you might be considering hiring an Amazon marketing agency. However, you don’t want to hire the first one you see. Instead, it would help if you did your research to ensure that you choose one that will deliver on its promises. There are several things you should be looking at when selecting one.

How To Choose An Amazon Marketing Agency?


  1. What Services?


One of the most important things that you need to figure out is whether or not they can offer the services you will be requiring. Figure out what services they offer. Are they a full-service Amazon agency? Do they only provide optimization services? Do they specialize in paid advertising? These are the things you want to figure out. Finding the company that offers the kind of services you need now and, in the future, can save you a lot of future headaches.


  1. Ask About Pricing


Whenever you are looking to hire an agency to assist with your professional selling efforts on Amazon, you want to ensure they are going to be able to help you maximize profits on your end. Figuring out how much they will be charging and how they will be charging will dictate whether or not they can help.


  1. What Are Their Capabilities?


This is a major one that you want to figure out. It’s never ideal to hire a company without verifying; they have been successful in the past. You should ask if they have any case studies from previous clients that you can look at. By doing this, you can figure out whether they are all talk or if they can ‘walk the walk.’ Hiring a company that has a proven track record of success can help you ensure that you are getting the most for your money.


  1. Are They Proficient At SEO and PPC?


You want to partner with an agency that is proficient at not only organic optimization but also at paid advertising. Having the right mix of both of these strategies can help you succeed in Amazon’s competitive marketplace. You need to find a company that has adept knowledge at optimizing listings and running high converting paid advertising campaigns. This will help you find a company that can help you grow your sales and increase your profits.


  1. What Tools Do They Use?


Asking what tools, they use is another thing you might want to do. Knowing exactly what tools they use can give you a good idea of how accurate their research tools are, and it can give you a good idea of how professional they are. Ideally, the company you hire is using top-of-the-line tools.


Using all of the different tips above, you should be able to put yourself in the best position to hire the best Amazon marketing agency for the job. Hiring a professional and experienced agency can put you in an excellent spot when it comes to competing on Amazon. You want to look at different things like their experience level, how well they have performed in the past, and whether or not they have access to the necessary tools needed to compete with other professional sellers. Choosing the right agency to help you can save you a lot of time and money, and it can help you become much more profitable.

Read Info About Artificial Intelligence and Fusionex

Artificial intelligence is the source of smart machines that can do tasks and perform with human intelligence. The artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Fusionex is the next-generation technology that enhances the capabilities of corporate leaders. And this empowers them to stay on top of their game.

What Is Fusionex?

Fusionex is a worldwide company that provides data technology to numerous fortune 500 corporations. These companies are located in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company conveys advanced digital resolutions and concepts to its global clientele.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or AI is a division of computer science that develops smart machines. These smart machines can do tasks as humans do. This is because they are equipped with a high technology aptitude which is equal to human intelligence.

Thus, artificial intelligence is also a multifaceted science that deals with machine learning improvements. And Fusionex is dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Making it a sought after data technology provider.

What Is Fusionex Artificial Intelligence?

The artificial intelligence of Fusionex is the next-generation intellectual skills offered to enhance the competency of corporate leaders. It assists them to work not harder but smarter. And this makes their respective company more productive and adaptable within their chosen industry.

How Does Fusionex AI Provide Industry-Specific Problems?

Fusionex has created custom-made industry-specific solutions for clients to enable them to execute tasks with better precision and speed. This would boost their production, and make workforce management better. It has artificial intelligence resolutions for companies engaged in security, retail, travel and hospitality, manufacturing, and agriculture. Below are some custom-made industry-specific solutions developed by Fusionex:


  • Facial Recognition
  • Image Analytics
  • Machine learning recognition


  • Facial recognition autotags
  • Customer identification
  • Customer traffic patterns
  • Augmented reality of products

Travel and Hospitality

  • Chatbot and voice recognition
  • Waiting time measurement
  • Customer sentiment analysis on social media.


  • Sensors for machines and products
  • Auto image processing


  • Drones for aerial fertilization.
  • Robots for crop harvesting.

Artificial intelligence provides solutions to most problems encountered by many corporations and individuals at present. It can make life easier to meet the new challenges the times bring ahead.

SEO Services of https://www.robin-ooi.com Will Boost Your Business

If you’re looking for an SEO company that offers commendable services, make sure to choose the right one — https://www.robin-ooi.com. Read further and to ensure the professionalism and expertise the company provides.

1. Comprehensive Services

https://www.robin-ooi.com delivers a variety of services to help your business grow; this includes link building, keyword research, directory submission, social media marketing, content writing, and search engine submission all under a single roof. This gives you the benefit of having a panel of choices regarding deciding on features to include in your SEO campaign. That said, you are saved from inquiring from several providers to attain your needed services.

2. Insights From Other Experts and Customers

With https://www.robin-ooi.com, you are given the guarantee of positive reviews from customers online. Not only does it provide satisfaction to all its customers, but the pricing feedback, level of professionalism, customer service, and cost all have good testimonials from online reviews. You can visit the website to ensure yourself of the necessary insights and information needed. 

3. Scaled Services

Other SEO companies make accessing their services difficult for companies. Most of the time, this is due to them offering only complete services; thus, individual selection is not allowed. It eventually leaves you no choice; you can either purchase the entire package or find an affordable SEO company that will provide you your needs.

https://www.robin-ooi.com is that company. It is willing to offer you a wide range of options to permit customers, like yourself, a scale of a variety of features that may depend on your allotted budget, along with the added benefits for the enjoyment of your business. That said, it allows you to personalize solutions depending on your necessities and requirements.

4. Unique and Customizable Services

The company is willing to provide SEO services fit for your budget, along with several options to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. They allow personalization of their features or packages to suit their clients’ needs. This allows the business to decide features to include in the premium, and exclude those that are not necessary. It gives small businesses an advantage to gain better control over the pricing.

There are plenty of SEO companies that take advantage of you with only giving the bare minimum of what they offer. Fortunately, not only does https://www.robin-ooi.com provide the services you need, but it’s also known as the best SEO technique of Malaysia.


3 Tips in Restoring Your Wooden Beams

Oak beams UK can help make the aesthetics of your home if used correctly. You can do so many things in making the wood match the interior, whether by coating it or creating a contrast to the room. Giving the beam a proper treatment can add significant character to your home. Here are tips to help you with your beam restoration. 

Finishing Wooden Beams

If you are aiming to make a striking, rough look against the painted walls or trying to pair the color of the flooring or other wood in the area, then you will have to splash color in it. You can start by applying a wood stain, which is a perfect treatment for oak beams UK.

Once done, you should ensure that you use wood oil or varnish to seal it appropriately. Wood wax can help if you just want to make minimal color changes. 

Stripping Wood Beams

It is recommended to shred back and remove the paint and other finishes to restore the old, rustic look. Doing this can give you a fresh start and provide you so many options at your disposal. You can use paint stripper products to make the coatings lighter. To further ready the wood for refinishing,  do some sanding and continue to treat the oak.

Wax and Oils for Wooden Beams

There are products that you can use to help color, protect, and seal oak beams UK. If you are trying to attain a more rustic look, you can use color wax to make the woodwork emerge. There are other wax polishes that you can use to give the beam an aged look that can give it an appearance of timelessness. You can do some research on these products to find the one that will suit your taste.


Wood beam restoration isn’t that hard, as long as you know what look you are trying to aim and the products that you can use. Treating the oak is also essential when it comes to restoring the wood. Following these guides can help you in your home design, making it more pleasing and will exude that rustic character.

When You Need a Colorado Springs Marriage Counselor

Married life is something that is wonderful and, at the same time, stressful. it is the kind of relationship that you need to continually adjust and invest to over the years. However, there are signs that you need to watch out to tell that it is time for you to see a Colorado Springs marriage counselor. 

One or Both Parties Consider Having an Affair


It is not impossible for one to recover from an affair. However, it takes a great deal of work. You need to commit and willingly forgive the other for you to move on. There’s no formula to recover from an affair. Though your marriage can be saved if both individuals can commit to the therapy process. 

Negative Communication


Another indicator for you that tells you that you need to seek a Colorado Springs marriage counselor is if the communication between you and your partner are slowly deteriorating. Negative communication is not limited to: 

  • Letting one feel insecure
  • Depressed
  • Wanting to withdraw from the conversation
  • Disregarded
  • The tone of the conversation

Do remember that communication is not always what you say, but on how you deliver it. Negative interaction may also be in the form of emotional or physical abuse, as well as non-verbal ones. 

When One is Staying Because of the Children


One misconception is that staying together for the sake of the children is the right to do; however, it can only backfire and may lead to an objective third-party. To be honest, the kids shouldn’t be the deciding factor for couples to stay together. 

Children can actually sense what their parents are feeling. Somehow, it is best for a couple to resolve the issue, and together move to a positive and healthy relationship can be the best decision. If you are actually in this predicament, then it is time that you find a Colorado Springs marriage counselor to aid you in your choices. 



Not all marriages can be saved. In the process of therapy, some couples may realize that it is better for them to be apart rather than stay married. However, for those couples that are willing to commit and work to save their marriage, there’s still hope.  Counseling can actually help them realize why they married each other and why they fell in love. 

Epoxy Countertops: The Good And The Bad

Epoxy is the quintessential refinishing product. Applying epoxy to a material like a bathroom or kitchen countertops can revitalize or restore it. The varieties of materials on which you can apply epoxy include metal, wood, concrete, ceramic, and Formica. This is the reason why an epoxy countertop is as good as the original. Meanwhile, here are the good and bad qualities of an epoxy countertop.

Advantage: Durable Resin Finish

As epoxy hardens, it forms a hard, solid surface that can last for many years. Epoxy also has a long-lasting shine that never gets dull. This is very different from varnishes, as well as other coating types. Also, as the epoxy’s durable finish does not crack or get damaged, one can guarantee its strength.

Advantage: High-Gloss Finish

An epoxy countertop has a glossy and super-shiny finish, and it’s as good as new. Although it wears down sometime in the future, the gloss takes a long time to go away. In case the high-gloss look wears away, you can apply mineral oil onto it.

Advantage: Heat Resistant

You never ruin your countertop even if you set a hot dish on its surface. However, the longer you leave a hot coffee or a heated baking dish on your countertop, it may damage its surface. That’s because epoxy is not heatproof even if they’re heat resistant.

Disadvantage: Messy To Apply

An epoxy countertop won’t be easy to accomplish. Using epoxy to your countertop can be complicated and messy, especially if you don’t have any experience working with the material before. The solution to this is practice.

Disadvantage: No Second Chances

Epoxy countertops are actually a chance to showcase your artistic and creative spirit. The problem is that you can’t change what you’ve done to the epoxy. Thus, if the design is not that good, then you can’t repeat it. If you want to redo it, it will take more effort and more mess.

Some Last Words

Epoxy is one of the best ways to fix your countertops, and an epoxy countertop is the most durable thing in the world. The only problem is that it can be messy to apply, and it can harden all of a sudden. In that case, choose the right epoxy for you and practice a lot.

Gas or Electric? The Best Fireplace For your Home

Technology gives people the opportunity for choice and practicality. Installment of fireplaces costs a lot and may damage your home. Today, we are given an option of portable gas and electric Stockport fireplaces.

Fireplace Home Installation

The amount of modification varies between gas and electric fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are easily installed with few alterations if you have a pre-existing gas line. Homes without gas lines require propane tanks, which are challenging to hide for aesthetic purposes.

Electric fireplaces are grand for those with no gas lines. It requires less area for installation, which minimizes possible damage because it does not need gas lines. It is cost-effective because, besides, it does not require gas line installation and maintenance.

The installation varies between gas and electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces, just like any electronic appliances, require a plug, an outlet, and safety features inside its components. These are factory-wired, so safety does not depend on the installation procedure. Unlike gas fireplaces, the protection depends on the person on how it is installed. In choosing a fire, consider the area, safety, and the person installing it.

Safety Concerns

The number one safety concern for the gas fireplace is burning and fire hazards. This poses a threat to both dwellers, children, and pets. On the other hand, electric fireplaces do not transmit heat, thus less hazardous. This leads to an obvious conclusion that an electric fireplace is safer. Also, the gas fireplace produces more heat, but electric ones provide just the right temperature to warm-up areas. Regardless of its heat production, the electric furnace is cost-effective.

Aesthetics And Value Increase

Besides its function, fireplaces add up to the aesthetic value of your home. Even if you live in regions with a hot climate, fireplaces can lift up the value of your home because of its style and ambiance. Both gas and electric fireplaces can be used for design. If you are wishing to sell a house, those with furnaces usually have costs elevated by 12%.

In choosing the best fireplace, you must consider the type of home you have. Which fireplace fits your home? Shop Stockport fireplaces at Sparks Fireplaces, UK.

Why use Green Oak Frames for your Home?

Building your home with green oak is relatively cheaper and beneficial. Structures built with this timber has proven its strength and efficiency over the past generations. If you are looking for frames, here are the reasons why you should use green oak frames.


Green Oak Frames Are Sustainable Materials

Unlike any timber, green oaks last long in extreme weather conditions. It is ideal for either humid or cold regions because it is dense and durable. Climate should always be a factor in choosing your timber. Certain types of timber brittles in cold climates while others weaken at the humid season. Green oak stays strong in any season.

The density and durability of green oak make it less prone to damages. Using this timber as your frame gives you fewer expenses in repairs and replacements. It helps you lessen your costs in maintenance.

Green Oak Absorbs Significant Amounts Of Carbon Dioxide 

It is reported by the UK Timber Frame Association that green oak naturally filters the air of its surrounding area. Forest Oak is certified to provide green oaks that help clean the atmosphere. Using this as your frame will make your home more livable. Studies show that the increase in carbon dioxide levels in humans causes stress. As a result, homes that have green oak timber have healthier dwellers that stone, brick, and clay houses.

Also, green oaks are aesthetically pleasing. Aside from a clean atmosphere, a pleasant environment helps boost productivity and motivation. Make your home livable and lively by using this timber for your frames.

Green Oaks Is Durable Yet Cost Efficient

Manufacturing of contemporary construction supply involves many procedures that add up to cost. Expenses like labor cost, transportation, manufacturing tools, relevant services, utilities, etc. are added to the overall cost of supplies. Compared to metals and concrete, green oak requires lesser manufacturing procedures. If you use this, not only your frame is durable, you also save yourself from extra expenses.

Over the years, green oak has been proven and tested. Generations after generations, people living in homes out of timber are observed to have a healthier life inside their durable houses. Are you decided to use green oak frames for your future home?

How You Can Start Protecting Your Private Data

Unfortunately, one of the hardest things to do online is to give your data full protection from scammers and hackers. One of the best ways to address such an issue is to obtain insurance software.

How does private data become compromised? Sometimes, hackers obtain information due to weak passwords. On the other hand, scammers can take a photo from one of your albums and use it against you in different ways.Lucky for you, this article teaches you how you can start protecting essential data.

#1: Backup All Data Multiple Times

Backing up data is one of the most straightforward and most attainable strategies to protect information. However, one should take note that users need to do back up multiple times and on different hard drives. Or you can choose to encrypt the data or use applications that aid in information backup. This strategy is crucial if you want to be 100% ready when data becomes compromised.

#2: Always Check The Storage Status

Sometimes, storage becomes compromised because of the physical aspects of the item. For example, the discs you use for storing essential information is starting to deteriorate, and then there is a big chance that the data stored inside it is also compromised. Make sure you have Information Technology (I.T.) experts check for maintenance every month or so.

#3: Refrain From Giving Information Online

A common mistake many users commit nowadays is to give online websites information such as email addresses or passwords. Some people do it for the sake of increasing points in a game they’re playing, while some do this as part of a monthly subscription. As much as possible, refrain from giving essential information unless you’re 100% sure that the website is legitimate.

#4: Use Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the newest and best ways to store data using an approach that many can benefit from and use. Because the system allows multiple users to navigate through the software, any form of tampering immediately gets noticed. Any altered data notify users, which then alerts the whole blockchain community. You can manage data better with this type of system. Insurance software is an integral part of your online activities, which is why you should start getting one now.

Save Money with a Discount Online Pharmacy

Browsing for medicine is like shopping for other items online, prudence should be applied, otherwise, without something to compare it with, you may end up buying the more expensive medication. With e-commerce having more than 10% of the total retail sales all over the world, there is a lot to choose from so why settle for high cost when you may buy it for less.

Check discounts before buying medicine

You may put it this way: before you book for hotel rooms, you will check out the best deals first via online booking sites. Shopping for prescription drugs can be fairly easy as online hotel booking. You can either check via browser and some online pharmacy companies even have mobile apps to make it more convenient for users.

These are online pharmacy sites  that you can check out for the best prices so that you may not have to buy worrying about your budget again :


  • GoodRx
    GoodRx has a good looking and user-friendly website to make it more attracted to consumers. The discount and savings are even more attractive as GoodRx can be able to save you in medication cost of up to $276 per year.


GoodRx has an optimized search engine that compares prices of more than 70,000 US-based pharmaceutical companies. On top of it, they also provide coupons that serve as your prescription for pharmacies which may require it. 



  • WeRx


Very much like GoodRx,  WeRx also does an extensive search on thousands of pharmacies, compares the prices and presents them to you.  They also feature a comparative price tool by allowing the consumers to submit the amount if a specific medicine they recently brought.

They also provide users location-based results so that consumers can check the nearest pharmacy they can get the medicine.



  • PharmacyChecker
    According to their website, the company can find huge discounts of up to 90% on prescribed drugs. Their listing includes prices not only limited to the US, but overseas as well.

    Searching is fairly easy, all you have to do is input the prescribed drug’s name, and the search button gives it all away by labeling it “Find Lowest Price.”

    This online pharmacy site also makes sure that the medicines you’ll be getting are safe and the company producing it has all the compliance needed in operating such firms. In addition, you can also view the rating of the pharmaceutical seller which can help you decide on what to choose.


By following our guidelines above, you can be confident that you’ll get the safest and cheapest medicine you need. The online sites we discussed will do all the fact-checking for you, but it’s still advisable to be vigilant and search only on the ones you trust.